Why you must write (writing is a tool of influence for leaders)

Why you must write (writing is a tool of influence for leaders)

In one of my previous posts I wrote:

…..writers are first hearers then writers.  What do they hear?  They hear the priorities and goals of a season.  They hear them as ideas and notice them as meanings out of trends and events.  Whatever ideas are communicated by a writer motivate action and instigate change.  Someone and some things must change because of the ideas released.

Discerning the goals of a season, acting on them and influencing others to do the same is leadership.

Writing is a key tool to communicate your discernment of the goals of a season. 

Those that read your ideas are your captive audience of influence.  They are able to see what you see and value what you value.

The goals of a season are the priorities of a period of time.

There are many things to do in this world.  However, at any point in time, there are things which are the most important to attend to.  These are the things that generate the biggest change and impact the most lives.  It takes leaders to know what these things are.

You can know what the priorities of a period of time are – however, if you do not communicate – you are not leading.

Leading starts when you communicate the ideas you have discerned and influence others to action.  Writing is one of the most effective tools to get this done.  It’s been said that “leaders are readers.”  Well, leaders are writers too.

When you write – you speak to someone today and hold the wisdom in potential to impact someone tomorrow – preserving and expanding the power of your leadership.

Take action, lead by writing.  Someone is waiting to hear what you have to say.