Why you must write (to multiply the publishers & executives of your vision)

Why you must write (to multiply the publishers & executives of your vision)

I’ve said here that writers are first hearers then writers.  What do they hear?  They hear the priorities and goals of a season.  They hear them as ideas and notice them as meanings out of trends and events.  Whatever ideas are communicated by a writer motivate action and instigate change.  Someone and some things must change because of the ideas released. 

What we write are ideas that project a new set of better circumstances created because someone was instructed and inspired enough to change something.

And the LORD answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it.  (Habakkuk 2:2) 

The “vision” refers to the things that God was about to speak and had spoken to Habakkuk the prophet.  The instruction that God gives the prophet is to write down the things that God shows him and make them plain on tablets (of stone), the equivalent of the paper and online screens of our day.  Why write the vision? 

  1. You are the first publisher and executive of your vision. Writing crystallizes your ideas to yourself.  When you read and re-read the idea, it reinforces your understanding and inspires you another day.  Reading the idea is like preaching the vision into your mind and spirit one more time.  You must read it again and again so that you continue to publish and act on it with growing vigour.

  2. To inspire others to publish and execute the ideaThe written idea is a source of instruction and inspiration to others to publish the idea further and take action for change.  Writing takes the idea to many you may not have the chance to see in the flesh.

  3. How fast you are running informs us how fast we must run.  The first publisher and executive of your idea is you. You are the pioneer and pacesetter of the vision you see.  Write and read the vision to yourself so that you run with the pace of someone who heard the vision for the first time a minute ago.  We will run just a little slower than you. So run faster than the speed you want us to achieve.

  4. You run as fast as you can remember the instructions and motivations of the ideaYou are sitting,standing trotting or sprinting based on how fresh the instruction and inspiration is in your mind and spirit.  You are sitting because you forgot.  A fresh memory of the instruction and inspiration is fire under your feet. Remember…others are paying attention to your speed.

  5. You cannot maximize the objectives of the vision alone.  You need many publishers and executives of the vision because its bigger than what you can achieve alone. It flies further than the places you can get to in your life time. So your writing must infuse the idea into the minds and hearts of others – spurring them to action.  You can either have them on manual or automatic. Manual – you have to be there, barking instructions.  Automatic – they are loaded with the written instructions and act in your absence.