Why you must write (purpose fuels action)

Why you must write (purpose fuels action)

“Why you must write” is an important topic because it addresses the purpose of writing.   This is because purpose is a strong driver of initiative.  When I know the reason “why” for something it creates the impetus for action.

Most valuable initiatives come at a cost.  They cost the actor something.  In fact, the more valuable and life changing then the greater the cost of action…and inaction.  The most impactful of action comes at a great cost to the one who does it.  Wherever a significant cost is involved, the actor usually requires an answer to the question “why?”

It’s a simple three letter word – but it’s loaded.  It is the actor’s pursuit of a justification for the price required.  I must have a good reason to pay the price for something.  A good looking product in a shop with a large price tag will attract a “why?” question in the mind of the shopper.  “Why should I buy it?” “Do I really need it?” – both are “why” questions.

The response to that question will usually determine whether the buyer walks out with the product or not.  If the product is valuable enough to the shopper and the funds are available, the purchase will usually be made.  The value or importance of the product promotes the shopper’s willingness to pay.

What’s the writer’s price to pay?  The price to pay for writing is focus, time and effort.  I am amazed at the ideas that God permits to flow through my finger tips when I sit at the keyboard.  This is my forte – expressing the thoughts of God to humanity.  You have yours.  You will not find it until you focus, spend time and apply effort.  That’s the cost in summary.

What’s the reward?  The payback is the transformation of people in line with the ideas you communicate. I am convinced that there is no greater legacy than the imprint you will leave in the hearts and minds of others.

Writing will cost you something but the reward far outweighs the cost.