Starters are (humble) questioners – starter principles

Starters are (humble) questioners – starter principles

Being a starter means taking initiative. It means refusing to conform to the status quo.

The world is more colorful than black and white – there is more than one way to do things and there is nothing that cannot be questioned.

The very best ideas based on legitimate principle are not afraid of questions – they welcome them.

The questioning of an idea is an opportunity for it to demonstrate its integrity. A sound principle stands up to any barrage of questions.

Don’t mistake questioning with argumentativeness or dishonour. If you are thinking of your question while someone is talking and just waiting for them to finish so you can speak – your attitude is wrong, you are not listening.

Honour the words and ideas of others enough to pay attention, listen – take enough time to review their ideas, acknowledge what’s good, and submit improvements.