Publishing a typo to the world – starter principles

Publishing a typo to the world – starter principles

Needless to say, the title I’ve used is quite risky.  I could publish a typo while warning about publish (sic) a typo…  So why did I take the risk? Well, because publishing or shipping your work is more important than perfection.  So – shipping your work is a clear priority but there are lessons to learn.

Being a STARTER does not mean being HASTY.  It means being prompt, not only to act, but to act in wisdom.  Haste is not wisdom, it actually may be evidence of FEAR.  Fear to be late.  Haste can publish a typo to the world.  However, publishing a typo is better than not publishing at all.

A balance between the two extremes is required then.

Don’t be so careful that you miss your opportune moment, don’t be so quick (and sloppy) that you ship your work but miss it anyway.

It’s your moment, START – SHAPE – SHIP….