Content before container – starter principles

Content before container – starter principles

Learn to build your content before you are concerned about the container.

The container before the content may cause the container to be a constrainer.

The container can be a constrainer in two ways:

1. How do you build an appropriate container for content you have not yet developed? It’s the product first then you can know the size of the box required. So you can constrain an idea you have not yet developed to a traditional container. Maybe it’s not yet time to register a company or rent an office. Maybe you should sell as much as you can out of your boot. Out of your boot forever? No – but first things first.

2. You can waste creative time on the container. You can hit a brick wall because you need to focus time and money on building the container. This is registering the company, constructing the office or the church building. “Think outside the box,” remember? So it might be better to free your mind to think content before you build the box.

If you’re patient, the content will usually construct the container.